Why Buy Bespoke Office Furniture

People often mistakenly attach the term ‘bespoke’ to overly priced luxury items that they cannot afford however if you buy something bespoke it really means that it has been made with your requirements in mind rather than being an off the shelf item and it does not necessarily have to be too expensive.

For example, take bespoke office furniture – often the off the shelf products that you can buy from large office products retailers or furniture shops simply will not fit in the space you have available at work or may not accommodate the styles and colours of your existing furniture and décor which is why it is more beneficial to purchase furniture items that are made to order.

When ordering bespoke furniture it is possible to not only get the dimensions you want so that these items will fit perfectly within the space you have available but it will also be easy for you to customise these pieces of furniture so that they come in the right style, colour and finish to match your interiors or co-ordinate with your corporate colours. For example you can choose bench ends or cantilever desking – legs can also be customised to include white or chrome finishes, you can select from a wide range of storage options including customising the number of shelves or types of doors on your storage cupboards.

Office furniture chairs are also essential items that can be customised to meet the needs of the customer. Chairs are available in a wide range of styles including managers chairs, operator chairs, meeting room chairs and reception seating. Obviously the choice of chair will depend upon who needs to sit on the chair, how often and whether or not the chairs need to be stored away at the end of the day.

Stackable meeting rooms chairs are perfect in offices with limited space and comfy soft seating is great in reception areas and waiting rooms when you would like customers to be comfortable. All office chairs can be customised with choices of fabrics – including striped and multi-coloured designs as well as single colours – so it is best to speak to your office furniture company about your preferences before placing an order.

Increase In Popularity of Home Office Design

Home offices are becoming more and more popular in the UK as more and more people take on board flexible working hours in order to spend more time with their families. Businesses are also more willing to let employees work from home as it enables them to retain their staff even when they have other commitments plus it helps save money on overheads when less people are coming into work each day. This increase in working from home means there is now more demand for home office design.

Home office furniture UK suppliers will find that they are being asked more frequently to supply furniture and plans for home offices as well as those within commercial premises and with home office interiors comes the additional challenge of creating a space within a home that can allow the person to work effectively but then be able to shut it away at the end of the day and enjoy their leisure and family time.

Office furniture for home offices will usually consist of desks, chairs and storage solutions and plans can be put together for rooms of all sizes. It is very common for new houses to be built with a study or home office – in accordance with the demand but if not, many people find that they can easily transform dining rooms or spare bedrooms into home offices.

By working alongside a home office design company, people can make the most of their available space and find a working solution no matter how big or small their home offices may be. Office design companies will come out to your home to take initial measurements and discuss your preferences in terms of colours, styles and finishes before going away to produce 2D and 3D plans to show what your finished home office could look like.

Home office furniture UK suppliers will also bring along samples of chair fabrics, desk finishes, flooring and blinds so that customers can choose the styles they like ahead of the office design team putting together their quotation and recommendations.

Choosing Office Furniture When Deciding To Work From Home

Many people nowadays are choosing to work from home. They may work for a larger company who can offer flexible working for its employees, or they may run their own business which is based at home. Whatever the reason, there are a number of executive home office furniture suppliers who can provide high quality furniture to suit the individual.

When planning to work from home, it is a good idea to try and separate the working area from the rest of the home in order to create a healthy work-life balance. Utilising the skills of office interior designers can help you to choose which area of the house would be best to work from as well as how to best make use of the space available. Although you will ideally want to have a separate working space away from the everyday living space in the home, the home office should still fit in with the décor of the rest of the house, and good office interior designers will help you to achieve this.

Executive home office furniture can be available to suit all sorts of budgets. You may find that you simply need a desk, a comfortable chair and a small storage cabinet. Or, if you employ other workers who are also located in your home, you may need to accommodate a number of desks and large storage units with perhaps a small meeting area which is separate to the office.

Working from home can benefit workers and businesses for a number of reasons. There are huge savings on travelling, not only on the price of the journey but also the time spent travelling. Employees should also have an improved work-life balance, as they should have an increased amount of time at home. This is great for those people who have lots of responsibilities outside of work, such as children who need be taken to and from school.

If employees are happy with their work-life balance, in theory they should be more motivated and more productive in their work. This will have a positive effect on the business, so working from home can really be a win-win situation for most businesses and its employees.

Great Reasons To Use An Office Space Designer

When updating an existing office or designing a brand new office space, many people now choose to buy office furniture online. This gives them access to a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers who can offer bespoke or standard office furniture at great prices. All sorts of budgets can be satisfied, whether it is for a sole trader working from home on a tight budget, or a large corporate firm seeking to update an existing open plan office to seat over fifty workers.

Many executive office furniture uk suppliers not only sell the actual furniture, but will also help you to design your new office space. You will be able to arrange an appointment for a designer to come and see your office and ascertain exactly what style and size of furniture will be required. Many designers are able to draw up 2D and 3D plans to show you how the office will look, and you and the designer can play around with a few ideas in order to find the optimum design for your company.

Once you have decided on the layout of your new office and what furniture you will need to make your office fully functional as well as stylish, you will have the opportunity to buy office furniture online. The furniture will then be delivered on a mutually agreed date, in order to give you time to clear out the old furniture and maybe redecorate the office.

Many executive office furniture UK suppliers also include in their project management service the skills of qualified contractors to update the existing office space, if need be. You may find that you need a few extra plug sockets in order to accommodate equipment for extra workers, or perhaps you would like partitions installed to help to divide up an open plan office. They may also be able to provide a reputable painter and decorator, who can help you to create a clean and fresh look with a professional finish.

Although you may like the idea of designing your own office space, by using the skills and advice of an office interior designer you will ensure that everything will have been taken into consideration so that space is used to its optimum potential.

An Ideal Reception Area

First impressions count, so having an appropriate reception area is highly important for all businesses. Whether planning a new reception area or updating an existing reception, creating a suitable environment for visitors to a firm is key to creating a good overall first impression of the firm.

Staffordshire office furniture companies are able to offer invaluable advice to a range of businesses as to what style of reception area would best suit their company. For example, a large corporate firm may like a reception which is extremely sleek and stylish, and oozes professionalism and class. They may have plenty of space for seating visitors, and are able to house leather settees and armchairs, with glass tables, refreshment facilities and extravagant flower displays.

For a smaller, more laid-back firm, this layout could be deemed over the top and indeed intimidating for its visitors. Instead, it may prefer a more traditional approach, with a wooden reception desk suitable for one receptionist, and just one or two seats in the waiting room. Whilst the reception area can still be stylish, it can be designed to be much more approachable and comfortable for its visitors.

The style of office reception furniture which can be utilised essentially depends on the amount of space available. Small rooms can be made to look even smaller if a large, dark desk is used. Instead, a smaller desk or even a glass desk may give the illusion of more space. The designer would need to identify how many receptionists would usually be occupying the desk at any one time, and they can then be catered for accordingly. Many firms like to incorporate their company logo colours into the colour scheme of the décor, so this can also be taken into account.

Many Staffordshire office furniture firms provide chairs and tables for seating areas within the reception space. Again, depending on the amount of space available, designers can create suitable areas for visitors to sit comfortably whilst waiting for their appointment. The right type of office reception furniture needs to be selected, to ensure it is both fully functional for the firm, as well as giving a good, professional impression of the business.

Setting Up A Home Office Space

These days, due to the increase in technology, more and more employees are choosing to work from home. The advantages include huge savings in travelling times and costs, and many people prefer to work in a quieter environment where they are not being constantly interrupted by other workers. Of course, in order to work effectively, home workers will need a suitable work space in which to work from.

Whereas some home workers can get away with just using a laptop at the dining room table, others will need to house more equipment. Many people find that they may well benefit from advice from an office interior design company, who can help them to plan their workspace to fit in with the rest of the house, whilst also maintaining a clear divide between their ‘home’ environment and their ‘work’ environment.

Custom home office furniture can be purchased from a wide range of office furniture suppliers, and are available to suit a wide range of budgets. Whether you prefer stylish and contemporary furniture, or something quirky and creative, a good office interior design company can help you to choose exactly the right type of furniture to suit your needs and tastes.

Probably the two most important pieces of office furniture which you will need to buy when setting up a home office are a desk and a chair. Obviously the desk will need to fit into the space you have available, but it is also important to look at the height of the desk and check it is comfortable for you, as you will be possibly its only user. A comfortable fully adjustable chair is also essential, and there are a huge range of desk chairs available on the market.

Office interior design firms can take into account whatever equipment you may need, such as your PC and printer, storage for filing, and even whether you need an area for meetings. Modern custom home office furniture can be just as stylish yet functional as corporate office furniture, so you can still feel as ‘professional’ as those colleagues who are based in the company offices. Space should be utilised effectively to ensure your workspace does not spill into the rest of your house, so you can have a clear divide between your home life and your work life.

Why Businesses Invest In Office Furniture Derby

If you were to ask any business manager or director what are the main things that businesses need to invest in to help their organisations to run more efficiently, I wonder what their response would be? Would they say that staff were the most important since they are the ones that get the work done or would they say it is the tools and equipment that those staff use to make their jobs easier and their roles more effective? Either way it is often the little things that come together to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the company and ensure that these staff and their resources work well together.

Take for example office furniture. It may seem like an unimportant consideration but getting the right layout and design will aid in the overall efficiency of the business. An office furniture Derby company can lend their expertise and experience to help businesses to make the most of their available space and increase their efficiency through the right choice of office furniture.

Popular items such as desking, chairs and storage solutions will be the main products that Derby office furniture companies provide, however one of the reasons that businesses invest in their services is also because of the additional services they provide such as kitchen areas, office relocation services, electrical work, maintenance and decorating. This means that whenever businesses are looking to upgrade their interiors, move premises or have a change around they can get all of the products and services they need from one suppliers.

Getting the right chairs and desks for employees can make all the difference between them being comfortable and uncomfortable – which is very important when you consider that people who feel comfortable at wrok will probably work more efficiently than those who are at a desk that is too small, in an old chair that is not the right height for them and doesn’t offer any back support.

Office furniture Derby companies can visit the workplace premises to measure up and get an idea of the colour scheme and design preferences that the business would prefer. They will then go away and with the use of 3D imaging tools prepare some plans that will give the business owners a clear idea of how the finished offices could look before they order and fit the preferred items of furniture.

What Other Services Are Available From Office Furniture Stafford Companies

When businesses are looking to get new desks for their employees or improve the storage facilities they have within their workplace they are often doing this as part of a bigger reorganisation or refurbishment project and thus they may initially shy away from using Lichfield office furniture companies because they believe that the only service they can provide is the supply and installation of office furniture items, however many office furniture companies also offer a comprehensive design, refurbishment and maintenance service that can allow businesses to put their design projects under one roof.

Perhaps the best way to approach their refurbishment projects then is for business owners or those put in charge of the redesign or relocation project contact their local office furniture Stafford company first to see if they can offer the kind of supplementary services that would enable the business to complete their interior projects. This could include decorating, kitchen installation, plumbing, electrical work, partitioning and dilapidation projects if companies are relocating and need to ‘make good’ the premises they are leaving.

Once all of these services have then been provided and the workplace is ready for the introduction of new furniture and furnishings then the Lichfield office furniture company can also provide these to the specifications of the business. To being with they can supply samples of wood so that suitable desking can be selected and fabric swatches so that chairs and blinds can be chosen in appropriate colours – perhaps to match the colour scheme of the interiors or to correspond with their corporate identity.

The advantages of having all of your office design, refurbishments and furniture services provided by one office furniture Stafford company are that you will ojly have one point of contact who you can get the know well and who you know you can contact at any time and they can sort out any issues you may have with any area of the refurbishment project. This saves time liaising with multiple suppliers, particularly if you do not have a very good working relationship.

And so there are many other services aside from office furniture that such a company can provide you with and the best way to find out more is to visit their website or give them a call as you may be surprised at the number of associated services available from just one supplier.

Reviewing Torasen Office Furniture

When you want your workplaces to be functional, practical and stylish you may feel as though you have got to sacrifice one in order to get the other two but this is not necessarily the case because when you work with a professional office design company they will meticulously and carefully plan and design your available space to maximise your use of the room you have available at the same time as keeping to your budget.

Using manufacturers such as Torasen office furniture, your office design company can plan out your offices, break out areas and canteens using 3D design software so that you can easily envisage what the finished project will look like. They will bring along samples of the different woods used in their range of desking as well as fabric swatches for chairs that will complement the rest of your furniture.

When you choose quality names such as Torasen furniture you know that you will be getting high quality yet cost effective furniture to suit the requirements of your workplace and members of staff. From reception counters, corner workstations, soft seating and storage solutions there are so many different varieties of office furniture to choose from that you will need the advice of a design company to help you pick the most suitable items.

Desks are available in a wide range of wooden finishes including oak, maple and beech and they come in different sizes to accommodate the space you have available and their purpose. You can choose from metal frameworks or panel end desks with a range of pedestals, tambour cupboards, bookshelves and other storage solutions within the same range.

Whatever your requirements from Torasen office furniture suppliers then you are always best to talks these over with your office designers and see the 3D plans they create for you before placing an order with them for your Torasen furniture as this way you can pretty much picture what the finished office will look like.

To have your offices expertly planned and fitted with Torasen office furniture why not visit our website where you can browse our range ofTorasen furniture.

Brands Available From Staffordshire Office Furniture Companies

When you order office furniture items from a local company you are not going to get unknown, unheard of brands of furniture whose quality and distinction you cannot trust. Far from this, in fact, as you will be faced with a choice of furniture from top manufacturers, which your office design company will expertly plan, order and install on your behalf. So even if you are working with local Staffordshire office furniture companies, your furniture items will be from well-known national or even global manufacturers.

The reason for this is that they can provide high quality furniture that has been specifically designed to go into workplaces. Whether they are small offices, large open plan spaces or other commercial buildings, these items have been properly designed for their purpose. One of the brands that may be on offer is Imperial office furniture.

Imperial produce contemporary office furniture for a wide range of workplace scenarios, all of which can be carefully planned out and designed by your professional Staffordshire office furniture company. Whether it is bench desking, pedestals or cable management options you are looking for, these can be integrated into your workplace plans using 3D design software so you can envisage what the finished rooms will look like.

There are many other big brands available from your office design company such as Senator, Torasen and Ocee – all providing a different take on the classic dilemma of how best to organise and furnish your workplaces.

To have your offices expertly planned and fitted with Imperial office furniture why not visit our website where you can browse the range from this Staffordshire office furniture company.

Arena Sponsors Local Rugby Team

Arena Office Design are proud to be sponsors of the Barton Under Needwood under 11s rugby team.

The new team played their first match on Friday 18 November in a Children in Need rugby festival held at Burton on Trent Rugby Club.

Many other local clubs took part in the event and although Barton lost both of their matches they gained some valuable experience and had a lot of fun!  For more information please contact us.

Where To Buy Senator Furniture

Sometimes you may come across the name of a manufacturer and wonder how you can get your hands on their products, as you often need to go through a recommended supplier rather than dealing with the manufacturer themselves. This is not because they don’t want to deal directly with the public only that it is sometimes easier for them to work with the trade market only. When it comes to fitting out your workplaces you might have your eye on Senator furniture but don’t know where to find it.

Searching online usually yields some helpful results when it comes to looking for particular brands of products as well as enabling you to get the best service for the price you pay. After all, statistics have revealed that around eight five per cent of people search online for the goods and services they require so it is a pretty sure fire way of getting hold of the items you need.

When you are looking for Senator office furniture you don’t only want to get the products themselves but you will also most likely want your workplace to be planned out and designed and the furniture to be expertly installed to make the best of your available space. By searching online for an office design company who specialises in the furniture you are interested in you can get the best of both worlds.

Senator furniture and other top brand manufacturers provide solutions for reception areas, desking, meeting rooms, conference rooms, public areas and even home offices. You can choose from a wide range of different finishes and colours to complement the interiors of your workplace and make the most of your corporate colours and themes.

Your chosen senator office furniture can be installed by your office design company on a date and time that suits you and causes the minimum amount of disruption to the working day. This will enable you and your staff to get on with your work without unnecessary interruption.

To have your offices expertly planned and fitted with Senator furniture why not visit our website where you can browse our range of Senator office furniture.