Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms and boardrooms are the places where decisions get made so it is vital that these spaces are furnished appropriately to encourage a productive and prosperous environment as well as impressing visitors.

At Arena Office Design we offer a flexible approach to meeting room furniture, so whether you need modular boardroom tables that you can reconfigure and store away or solid wood meeting room tables that will hold pride of place in your conference rooms, we can find a style and design to meet your requirements.

You can choose from our wide range of:

  • boardroom tables
  • meeting room tables
  • folding meeting room tables
  • modular meeting room tables
  • conference tables
  • coffee tables


We also offer a variety of meeting rooms chairs to complement your meeting room tables.  These include cantilever chairs, stackable chairs, swivel chairs and conference chairs.

If you would like to find out more about our meeting room design services or wish to browse the ranges of meeting room furniture we offer please contact us for more details.

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